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Recycle Trade
High cash recycling all kinds of electronic / computer parts, mobile phone accessories, metal wastes, audio-visual equipment, watches and clocks, parts and vendor inventory.
Due to the wide range and diversity of recycled varieties, the items listed below are for reference only, clients for waste recycling services have any questions, please contact us, we are very happy to help you for a free quote.

Electronic Parts
LCD panel, LCD backlight, IC, circuit boards, integrated circuits, resistors, capacitors, the main chip, rectifier, LED, diodes, transistors, sockets, plugs, laser bald and other electronic parts, etc.

Computer Accessories
Desktop hosts, notebook hosts, servers, projectors, fuselage, LCD monitors, printers, motherboards, processors, memory, CD-ROM drive, hard drive, original ink cartridges, toner cartridges, toner cartridges, data machine, telephone, computer scrap, AC adapter, etc.

Mobile phone Accessories
Apple iPhone, Apple iPad, Blackberry, major brands and models of mobile phones, mobile phone circuit board, mobile phone LCD, battery, charger, housing, keys, hands-free, headset, cable, business phone, etc.

Wire, rechargeable batteries, nickel, copper, scrap metal, gold, silver, titanium, aluminum, tin, steel, alloys, machinery, etc.

Audio-visual equipment
LCD TV, iPod, NDS, PSP, Wii, PS3, Xbox, and related accessories, MP3, PMP, digital camera, camcorder, DVD player, VCD machine etc.

Watches and clocks, accessories
All kinds of new and old watch, bracelet, case, etc.

A variety of finished products, semi-finished products, old and new parts, vendor’s inventory, and back to Hong Kong materials, welcome to contact us.

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